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Chimney Masters can help you install the right chimney cap and screen as per the size of your chimney. Chimney caps and screens can stop rainwater and snow from getting inside your house, thereby, preventing the moisture from dampening your walls and ceiling.


Let us install the most suitable chimney screens for your home. Chimney caps prevent cold air from coming down your chimney vent, thereby keeping you warm! We'll make sure to clean your house after installing the necessary accessories.

Get the perfect chimney caps and screens for your home

Protect your home from troublesome critters

An open chimney may leave chances for birds and animals to intrude your home and cause serious damage. Our experts can help you choose the right chimney caps and screens to prevent such invasions.


Get FREE estimates on our cap, screen, or damper installation services. Call us at 203-866-4656 for more information on our services. We're locally owned and operated. Visit our office at Norwalk, CT.

Call us to get the right caps and screens for your chimney.


Reliable experts to install the most suitable chimney caps and screens