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Your chimney needs to be in good condition in order to function normally. Regular cleaning could prevent clogging as well as possible fires from occurring. Hire the professionals at Chimney Masters of Norwalk, CT to thoroughly clean your chimney!


We’re licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about the safety measures we take when you hire us. Avoid the chance of creosote building up inside your chimney by having us clean it regularly. Get in touch today!

Extensive chimney cleaning work

Effective chimney cleaning services

Call us for timely chimney cleaning services.


  • Fireplace cleaned

  • Wood stoves cleaned

  • Oil and gas burner flues cleaned

  • Animal removal and disposal

In case your chimney is not functioning properly, we can repair it for you. Call us at 203-866-4656 to learn more about our services. We carry safety inspection certificates.

Superior chimney cleaning services in Norwalk, CT