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Dryer vent Dryer vent

Your dryer can accumulate dirt and silt on its inner surface and cause clogging or blocking. This accumulation gets unnoticed and causes you more than one cycle to dry your clothes. By cleaning your dryer pipes timely and efficiently, we can help you save on your energy bills greatly!


Dryer pipes filled with lint and moisture may start overheating over time and may even cause fire. Let the competent professionals at Chimney Masters clean your dryer vent thoroughly, ensuring that no such accidents occur.

Superior dryer pipe cleaning services

Protect your home from pollutants and fire

Ensure that your dryer vent's end is equipped with a back draft damper so that any unnecessary clogging is avoided completely. The returning exhausts may bring in pollutants that’ll affect your family's health. Hire us to clean both the interior and exterior of your dryer vent today!


Apart from the dryer vent cleaning, we also offer chimney and gutter cleaning services and cap installation assistance for your chimney. We're licensed and insured. Contact us for more information about all our services.

Call us for hassle-free dryer vent cleaning. Cleanliness is guaranteed!


Convenient dryer vent cleaning services at competitive prices